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We partner with families to ensure students who learn differently access the resources, opportunities, and encouragement they need to fulfill their unlimited potential.

Established in 2006, Lawrence School’s Ethan D. Schafer Center for Learning Differences serves as a comprehensive resource for parents and professionals alike. We evaluate learning needs, offer resources for parents, educate students and professionals, and direct families to appropriate services. 

If you’re seeking knowledgeable professionals who answer your questions and empower your learner to fulfill their academic potential—look no further! Every member of the Schafer Center team has devoted their training to acquiring the specialized skills needed to identify and support learning disorders, like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD. We know that with the right accommodations and resources, the one in five students who have a learning difference will thrive in the classroom and in life!

Located in Broadview Heights, Ohio, our clinical psychologists and knowledgeable staff offer well-researched, proven methods for identifying learning differences, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and more. We draw upon our extensive experience and familiarity with diverse school settings to provide answers and address students’ learning needs. Whether you are the parent of a grade-schooler who is struggling in the classroom or a high schooler who needs disability confirmation for college, Lawrence School’s Ethan D. Schafer Center for Learning Differences can guide you to the testing, resources, and services that will help!

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The Schafer Center also serves as a training program for clinical psychology doctoral students from Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University. All graduate students work under the direct supervision of licensed clinical psychologists who adhere to the scientist-practitioner training model.

Dr. Ethan D. Schafer (pictured) served as the founding director of the Assessment Center at Lawrence School until his untimely death in 2015. After his passing, the center was re-dedicated in his honor and continues to fulfill his vision.

Dr. Ethan D. Schafer

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